The Notch

Dean Long, co-founder and original distiller at Triple Eight Distillery, started producing The Notch in 2000. Dean, having previously run the still for Nantucket Vineyard producing fortified wine, decided he wanted to craft a world class whisky. Dean reached out to George McClements, former production manager at Islay’s Bowmore Distillery, to advise on technique for batch distillation. 8 years later Triple Eight Distillery released The Notch Single Malt Whisky, the United States first and only island malt whisky. The 8 year old was ceremoniously released on 8/8/08.

Notch Single Malt Whisky is crafted from Maris Otter, an heirloom variety of malted barley. The grain is milled and mashed on property at Cisco Brewery. The mashing process creates wort which is then transferred to Triple Eight where it is fermented and batch distilled through Triple Eight’s Arnold Holstein copper still.

Following distillation, the whisky is aged in various types of barrels. These include a mixture of used bourbon barrels sourced from our own distillery and others, such as Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Heaven Hill, Jim Beam and Jack Daniels. Other barrels were previously used to store Cognac, Sauterne, various other types of wine, port and sherry. During this maturation process, Nantucket’s environment plays a huge role. Nantucket’s maritime climate is similar to the western isles of Scotland. The spirit is stored in wooden casks, which are susceptible to the island’s combination of Polar Maritime (cool and moist) and Tropical Maritime (hot and humid) climates. Triple Eight Distillery takes advantage of its unique situation by using ventilated warehouses, allowing the ocean breeze to mature our spirits in hand selected barrels. After aging, a portion of the whisky is sometimes double-barreled, or finished, in former Sherry casks or previously used wine barrels from Nantucket Vineyard.

The creation of Notch is currently being led by Randy Hudson, co-founder of Triple Eight Distillery and Cisco Brewers. Randy, was also Cisco Brewery’s original brewer. Hudson, recently served as the United States judging representative at the 2013 and 2014 International Spirits Challenge in Scotland.

Awards for The Notch Nantucket Island Single Malt Whisky

Awards for the 12 year
2015 awarded the Trophy for Best Single Malt World Whiskies by the International Spirit Challenge

2015 awarded Double Gold by the San Francisco World Spirit Competition

2015 awarded Gold by the International Spirit Challenge

2015 awarded Gold by the American Distilling Institute

2015 awarded Silver Outstanding by the International Wine and Spirit Competition

2014 awarded Gold, Best of Category and Best of Class by the American Distilling Institute

2016 awarded American Micro Whisky of the year by Jim Murrary’s Whisky Bible

Awards for the 10 year
2015 awarded Double Gold and Best in Category by the American Distilling Institute

2015 awarded Silver Outstanding by the International Wine and Spirit Competition

2015 awarded Silver by the International Spirit Challenge

2013 declared best American single malt by the World Whiskey Awards.

Awards for Triple Eight Distillery
2015 Triple Eight Distillery was shortlisted for Americans and Caribbean Spirits Producer of the Year by International Wine and Spirits Competition

2015 Triple Eight Distillery was named American Single Malt Distillery of the year by the Berlin International Spirits Competition

The Notch 8 year, 10 year and 12 year were all awarded “Liquid Gold” status in Jim Murrary’s Whisky Bible. In 2016 The Notch 12 year was awarded a rating of 96.5 points, giving Triple Eight Distillery the highest ranking single malt in the United States and just one point shy of the world’s best.